Aaron Ingley

Baritone, French Horn, Piano, Trombone, trumpet

Hello my name is Aaron Ingley and I am a licensed K-12 Music teacher in the state of Ohio.  I received my BA in Music from Allegheny College in 2010, and my Masters from Case Western Reserve University in 2013. I taught for a number of years in Cleveland Ohio before moving to Indianapolis. During that time, I gained experience teaching at the Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Collegiate settings. I love teaching music and I am an avid performer. I have shared the performance stage with acclaimed artists such as Paul Ferguson, Chris Coles, Nolan Plunket, Ron Stitt, Sean Jones, and Quincy Jones. I am an experienced conductor and I have directed ensembles at performing venues in Cleveland; most notably in the Medina Performing Arts Center and Severance Hall. Much of my coursework was dedicated towards learning the various instruments of a traditional K-12 music program. Trombone is my primary instrument but my coursework has prepared me to teach any instrument across the board. Having said that, I am most comfortable teaching the following instruments: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, and Tuba.

I simply love teaching music. I have a sincere passion for music and I enjoy transferring that joy to my students. My private students in Cleveland excelled through their lessons and took their success back to their Middle School and High School program. My students typically choose to participate in state competitions and honors ensembles (although this is not required) and typically score high marks on auditions/competitions.

Through our lessons, we will cover music theory, breathing techniques, posture, specific fingerings, embouchure, techniques, and all of the subtleties needed to perform music expressively. I tailor my lessons to fit the needs and interests of my students. I use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic examples to further explain musical concepts to my students. As a result, my students develop a complete musical understanding rich in different experiences.

I foster a positive working relationship with my students. This positive approach is a natural part of the music making process. My students know that I am not just a music teacher, but I care about them as young developing people. I use this positive approach to encourage my students to further refine their musical skills.