Mark Levenson

Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone

Mark B. Levenson is a professional saxophonist, music educator, conductor, and woodwind repair technician. He studied under Dr. Frank Bencriscutto at the University of Minnesota and was a high school band director in Minnesota. Mark is a classical saxophonist,and was first alto in the Sarasota Professional Concert Band and Baritone Sax in the Woodlands Concert Band in Texas.  He has been private teaching since 1966 (Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute) and has mentored many students into first chair positions. While attending college, Mark worked at a large Minneapolis music store, wherein on his lunch hour, he spent time with a master woodwind repair specialist. Mark has been repairing woodwinds since 1969. He was the only band student who could repair when Dr. Frank Bencriscutto took the Minnesota Concert Band Ensemble on a seven-week tour of the Soviet Union, culminating with a concert in the White House Rose Gardens for President Richard Nixon. Mark has worked with youth both in teaching and the Boy Scouts of America.  He is an Eagle Scout. Mark believes totally in the development and mentoring of his students and has worked with youth and adults for his entire career.