Toddler & Preschool Music Classes

Meridian Music School accepts private piano students as young as four.  Children as young as two can participate in our Toddler Tunes, Music in Me and More Music in Me classes with experienced Harmony Road, piano, and vocal instructor, Hillary Blake.   These classes are part of the Harmony Road Music program.  Your teacher will guide you and your child through an exciting and comprehensive music program that is carefully constructed for students to learn the language of music, step by step. Studies have shown that children who learn music early are more likely to perform well in school and in life. Don’t miss this great opportunity to enrich your child’s world. Parental involvement is required for all Harmony Road courses.

Current Group Class Offerings

Toddler Tunes (18 months-3years) – 30 minutes once each week for 18-weeks – This class includes finger-plays, movement activities, singing, and piano exploration.  $250.00 – includes materials

Toddler Tunes 2 (2-3) – 30 minutes once each week for 18-weeks – This class is a continuation of Toddler Tunes with new songs.  It can be a beginning level class for students who are already 2.5.  $250.00

Music in Me (3-4 years) – 45 minutes once each week for 18-weeks – This class includes finger plays movement activities, singing, music theory activities.  Students learn and track the first five notes of the C-Major scale.  $350.00 – includes materials

More Music in Me (3-4.5) – 45 minutes once each week for 18-weeks.  This class is for students who have completed Music in Me or for beginning students who are 4.5-5.  This class covers most of the same concepts as Music in Me with different songs.  $350.00

Harmony Road (4.5-6) – 55 minutes once each week for 18-weeks.   This class includes many of the same activities and concepts as Toddler Tunes through More Music in Me, but students do learn to play songs on the piano.  Students do not have to have any of the other classes prior to signing up for Harmony Road, but they should be at least 4.  Harmony Road has four semesters and goes through book four.  Students must complete one level before progressing to the next.  –  $400.00 – includes materials.

Fall Schedule

Starting September 11th ending Feb 12th 

Toddler Tunes – Saturdays 10:00am

Music in Me – Saturdays – 11:15am

Harmony Road 1 – Saturdays 12:15pm

Toddler Tunes – Mondays 11:15am

Music in Me – Mondays 12:00pm

No classes on the following dates: 

  • 10/9 (Teacher Conflict)
  • 11/27 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • 12/25 (Christmas Break)
  • 1/1 (Winter Break/New Years Day)

**Spring semester to begin February 19th and end June 25th, 2022.