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Piano Camp (ages 6-13)

June 3rd-7th or July 15th-19th – 9am-12pm

Meridian Music School is a place for children and adults alike to creatively explore and grow in their musical endeavors.  The summer piano camp is no exception!  With excellent instruction from two of the school’s finest piano teachers, Vandi Enzor and Melanie Harris, young piano students at levels 1 and up, will grow their skills in a fun and relaxed group environment.  Group Sessions will include training in the “Composition Corner” where students will learn about music theory, form, and compositional techniques, playing in a “Piano Band”, and experiencing a “Masterclass” where students will train in performance practice.  on the last day, students will give a recital performance in Goodwin hall for their families.

Fees:  $25.00 non-refundable registration fee, $195.00 for the camp

Songwriting Workshop (ages 16 and up)

June 14th-16th 

Do you dream of writing your own songs? Find your own voice and share your story through song in our 3 day intensive where we will explore the craft of songwriting! Geared towards the beginner and intermediate level writers, we will cover the basic components of songwriting step by step. Students will have time to work on each component with the help and input of instructors as needed. In addition, we will cover practical aspects of songwriting which include hearing from professional songwriters about their experience and resources for local studio recording. For an additional fee, the student has the option to make a rough demo at a time TBA. The workshop will wrap up with an opportunity for students to perform in a showcase with a live audience! The workshop with be co-led by Vandi Enzor and Katie Fansler, who are both music instructors at Meridian Music School.

Friday, June 14 6:00-9:00
Saturday, June 15 2:00-5:00, 6:30-8:30
Sunday, June 16 3:00-6:00

Fees:  $25.00 non-refundable registration fee, $275.00 for the workshop

***PLEASE NOTE: Students need to have a basic proficiency on a chordal instrument, such as guitar or piano. We provide keyboards and pianos; students need to bring their own guitar.


Saturday Toddler & Preschool Music Classes

TODDLER TUNES (ages 18-months-3 years)

16-weeks – 30 minute sessions – $250.00 – A Joyful first music experience.  Tots and parents share in a music-making program of rhythms, finger plays, active movement, keyboard exploration, and singing.  Parent involvement is required in class and at home.

Saturdays at 11:30am – begins February 2nd

MUSIC IN ME (3.5-4.5 years)

16-weeks – 45 minute sessions – $350.00 – Music in Me is a dynamic readiness program for young children with emphasis on ear training, solfege singing, movement, keyboard activities, and pitch and rhythm awareness.  Creativity is stressed!  Parent involvement is required in class and at home.

Saturdays at 12:00pm – begins February 2nd

MORE MUSIC IN ME (3.5-5 years)

16-weeks – 45 minute sessions – $350.00 – More Music in Me is a continuation of Music in Me.  It is for student who have completed Music in Me but are not quite old enough for Harmony Road 1.  This also a great class for beginners who are not quite ready for Harmony Road 1.

Saturdays 9:00am – begins February 2nd

PIANO I & II (4.5-6 years)

18-weeks – 55 minute sessions – $400.00: Areas of emphasis include ear training, solfege singing, solo and ensemble keyboard playing, rhythm activities, movement, and music creativity. This exceptional course develops the student’s “inner hearing”, which allows them to easily access the skills of transposing, improvisation and composition during their musical studies.

Piano I

Saturdays at 1:00pm – begins February 2nd